Bioinformatics in Infectious Disease Research

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October 26


Bioinformatics in Infectious Disease Research is a free event where we will discuss how genomic data and bioinformatics have been used to study infectious diseases in the past and have played a major role in the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as other viral and bacterial communicable diseases.


  • Bioinformatics Tools for Genomic and Transcriptomic Data Analysis
  • Exploring relationships between viral genomes based on Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • Phylogeny and evolutionary studies: genome ancestry and population fitness
  • Inferring structural implications of sequence variation
  • Host-pathogen interaction and treatment response 


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Elia Brodsky
CEO & Co-founder, Pine Biotech
Harpreet Kaur
Dr. Harpreet Kaur
OmicsLogic Trainer
Mohit Mazumder
Dr. Mohit Mazumder
OmicsLogic Project Guide

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