FREE Webinar on Bioinformatics NGS Training in Africa

Learn about bioinformatics - How big data is changing our understanding of biology
24 September 2020, 2 PM WAT

Bioinformatics NGS Training


In this free webinar, we will learn about about the Bioinformatics in Africa initiative. Bioinformatics in Africa is an international initiative between multiple educational organizations to bring cutting edge bioinformatics resources to the community of students and researchers interested in learning and developing data science skill sets relevant to the current Biomedical, Clinical & Biotechnology industry. This program is designed to address key challenges in Biomedical research by implementing project-based learning using AI Guided tools & platforms built to enable biologists to understand data-driven research. The collaborative partners participating in this initiative between Pine Biotech USA, Lead City University, Nigeria & MedLabConvo, Nigeria. To learn more register now we will email you more details of the upcoming program from

Mentors and Speakers

Elia Brodsky
Industry Expert (Specialization in Big Bioinformatics Data)
Mohit Mazumder
Mentor, Pine Biotech (Ph.D. in Computational Biology)
Adekunle Adeluwoye_2
Adekunle Adeluwoye
Faculty at Lead City University (Biomedical Sciences)
Harpreet Kaur
Trainer, Pine Biotech (Ph.D. in Bioinformatics)

Introduction to Big Data Bioinformatics 

The Bioinformatics in Africa initiative aims to enable and scale biomedical, Clinical, Biotechnology, and Agriculture research using Big Data analysis amongst the students, researchers & faculty to develop a research projects & ecosystem and the capacity to address some of the challenging healthcare issues of the continent. Africa holds a special place in human evolution because it is the location where a number of hominin lineages, including modern humans, arose. Despite its crucial role in our evolutionary past, Africa remains largely underrepresented in genetic studies. In this full program, we will learn about NGS data and its application in Translational Research, apply methods to real datasets, and understand the logic of the analysis. After registering students will have access to start exploring the innovative research & educational platforms, live sessions, a Team of experts Ph.D. in Biomedical research & student mentors. To interact with our Mentors and get updates on bioinformatics research, Join our Telegram group

Frequently asked questions

Can this program be attended online?
Yes, this session can be attended online. Online access details will be shared to all the participants once the registration is complete.
Will I get a certificate for this free webinar?

No, there is no certificate for participating in the free webinar. You can earn Course certificates by completing the online material provided by us (  and you can join our upcoming program "Genomic medicine: big data analytics, infectious diseases, and COVID-19" to earn a certificate for participating in the Bioinformatics training program.


Can I interact with mentors to learn more about programs planned for Bioinformatics in Africa?
Yes, Yes, you can learn from us about the program and resources by joining our Telegram group and interacting with mentors from MedLabCovo, Pine Biotech, USA and Dr. Adekunle from Lead University

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