Data science for Biologists

Institute of Genetic Engineering Bioinformatics Training Program
September-November 2019
Online/Offline Hybrid Programme

Hands-on Analysis with the T-bioInfo Platform


Bioinformatics is a discipline that combines biology, statistics, and computer science. Data analysis skills are essential for modern biology and are at the core of scientific discovery. In this bioinformatics training program, we will explore bioinformatics concepts in a project setting, offering insights into the typical problems addressed by a bioinformatician and explaining the analysis logic. The program does not require any prerequisites, apart from basic biology concepts. The program will span for three months, comprising eleven workshops and one Team Project

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Machine Learning

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Knowledge-Driven vs. Data-Driven Discovery and Examples, Applications of Bioinformatics in Agriculture, Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Immunology, Defense and Healthcare.
Cell, Nucleus and Chromosomes, The DNA molecule and its structure, Genome variations: A detailed understanding, Targeted, Whole Exome and Whole Genome Sequencing, Genomic Data Analysis and associated Algorithms.
Processing Raw NGS Data, Analysis, Interpretation, Filtering, removing noise and Normalization Techniques, Exploring multi-dimensional data using PCA visualization, Principal Components and variance – outliers, filtering, normalization
Metagenomics and Microbiome
Microbiome composition and taxonomy, NGS and 16S hyper-variable region, The Gut Microbiota and Human Health, Logical steps for metagenomics analysis pipeline, Methods, Interpretation of the results, and Visualization
Machine Learning
Supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning, Regression, factors, and features – Factor Regression Analysis, Decision Trees, Discriminant Analysis and Support Vector Machines, etc
Planning a Bioinformatics project
Identifying the correct data-set(s) for your bioinformatics project, Input and output of the typical processing and analysis steps,Team Project selection criteria and team project planning.
Will I get a certificate for this program?
Yes, a certificate of participation would be provided to all the participants at the end of the program. We will cover the criteria for certification at the beginning of the program.
Is this programme online and onsite as well?
This session is entirely conducted online at an Indian Standard Time from 12 PM to 1 PM IST. There will be three onsite workshops, which will be held at the Institute Premises. Online access details will be shared with all the participants once the registration is complete.
What is the cost of the program?
The cost of the training program is 3300 Rupees or $45 for three months. The students at IGE will be submitting the fees of the course at the institute. 
Will I get the recording of the lectures?
The recording of the online sessions will be provided to all the participants.
Will I be able to perform bioinformatics analysis myself?
The participants will have the access the T-BioInfo Platform, a user-friendly environment for -omics data analysis during the course and also 14 days after the completion of the course.
Does the course include hands-on?

Yes. Every course has a hands-on working  aspect designed to provide practical experience. Also, at the end of this program there is a project available for everyone to gain practical hands-on experience.

What topics can we choose for project?

You can choose from a wide list of project present on our platform. Click here. You can also do an independent project on a topic of your choice. 

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