Big Data in Life Sciences

March 2 - 19, 2020
Online + Onsite at Biologix Support Services, Lagos

Introduction to Big Data in Lifesciences 2020


Introduction to Big Data in Life Sciences is a 15-day  online program developed by Pine Biotech in collaboration with top academic institutions in biomedical research. In this program, participants will learn about the impact of the genomic revolution, next-generation sequencing and computational technologies in every area of life sciences: research, biomedical, biotechnology, and agrobiology. Learn to find, understand and analyze data using high-performance computing and user-friendly tools for biologists. Sessions will be held online and on site at the Biologix Support Services, LTD in Lagos, Nigeria. The program is designed for students and faculty from life sciences backgrounds.


Gene and Isoform Expression
Microbial communities affecting human life and health
Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 1.37.43 PM
Next Generation Sequencing
Learn to process and analyze NGS High-throughput sequencing
Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 1.40.50 PM
Working with Gene Expression Data
Learn to analyze sequence data using visualization and machine learning
Practical Project Datasets
Apply analysis to projects in oncology, biotech and agriculture

OmicsLogic Nigeria : Big data in Life Sciences 

This online program includes:

Instructor support, tracking of student progress, access to all resources and materials online for self-paced learning, access to expert guidance and problem-solving, demo pipelines, student project evaluation and advice, public domain data analysis on our big data server for 15 days (

History of Omics Data and its significance
Intro: program objectives, resources, faculty, etc.
Big Data Challenges and Opportunities (4 Vs)
Find data: What is the project about? What is the question you are trying to ask? Can this data answer the question?
Examples of NGS data: Mutation Variants, Gene Expression, Metagenomics
Process: Quality control, map/align, quantify, evaluate, output
Biostatistics and Data Science
Analyze: Elements of biostatistics and exploratory data analysis
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Biological Interpretation: annotation using databases and pathway analysis - March
Annotation and Biological Interpretation
Conclusion: what’s next? Where to go from here?

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Can this program be attended online?
Yes, this session can be attended online. Online access details will be shared to all the participants once the registration is complete.
What is the cost of the program?

The course registration fees have been reduced to $20 for all the African participants until 20th Feb.

The actual cost of the training program is $25 for the 15-day Hands-on certification program on Big data in Life Sciences.

Use "AFRICA2020" at the Payment Checkout Page to get a 20% discount till 20th February 2020

Will I get a certificate for this program?

Yes, a certificate of participation would be provided to all the participants at the end of the program who meets the criteria.

Additionally, you can also earn several certificates by completing the online material provided by us ( 


Can I get the recording of the lectures?
Yes, the recordings and additional study material including presentations will be provided to all the participants
Will I get the access to T-BioInfo Platform?

Yes, participants will have access to the T-BioInfo Platform for the entire length of the program. 

 The T-BioInfo Platform can be used to analyze a variety of omics data formats. To learn more about the platform, Watch this video:

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