Transcriptomics: RNA-Seq Data

A Free Webinar on OmicsLogic Transcriptomics Program
10th January 2020, 11 a.m. CST

   Lear About RNA-Seq and the upcoming OmicsLogic Transcriptomics Program


This webinar is a free event for those interested in learning about RNA-seq Data Analysis methods. We will introduce the upcoming OmicsLogic Transcriptomics program and answer any questions. We will also introduce several applications of RNA-seq in various research and clinical domains and provide participants with an overview of the full RNA-seq analysis approach. The webinar will also give an overview of the program includes practical sessions that will guide participants to use the methods of RNA-Seq analysis to generating a table of expression from raw FASTq files and to perform subsequent analysis of gene and isoform expression.

RNA Expression, Sequencing and Data Analysis:

Gene and Isoform Expression
Microbial communities affecting human life and health
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Next Generation Sequencing
Learn to process and analyze NGS High-throughput sequencing
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Working with Gene Expression Data
Learn to analyze sequence data using visualization and machine learning
Practical Project Datasets
Apply analysis to projects in oncology, biotech and agriculture

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